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What is a Management course? 5 Best Management Courses after 12th

What is a Management course?

Most management courses get a wide understanding of topics such as business, finance, economics, and marketing. So what is a management course? Most management courses include a strong practical component, with work internships and professional projects available as part of the curriculum. In this blog, we discuss the 5 best management courses in Kerala, India after 12th

Most of these management courses are diploma level courses.
If you are a student with a 10th qualification or 12th qualification, a diploma in any of the management courses will do you good. The best thing about these diploma management courses is that they are job-oriented courses, and these courses help you to fetch a job quickly.

Top 5 best management courses

Nowadays there are many management courses available. Some of the few management courses are listed below;-

  1. Marketing management course
  2. Hospital administration course
  3. Hotel management course
  4. Business management
  5. Airport management courses

Marketing management course

Marketing management is an organisational field of study concerned with the operational development of marketing orientation, strategies, and procedures inside businesses and organisations and the administration of a company’s marketing resources and operations. In simple words, Marketing management is the study of what the market is and things related to the market. A diploma in marketing management will earn you a job in the marketing field. With the right skillset and with industry experience you can go up to the position of a Marketing Manager.

According to Investopedia, there are four types of marketing;

Product – A product is a thing or service that a business provides to its clients. A product should, in theory, satisfy an existing consumer need.
Price – The price of a product is the amount that customers pay for it. Marketers must relate a product’s price to its true and perceived worth, but they must also consider supply costs, seasonal reductions, and rivals’ prices.
Place – When a corporation makes location selections, it’s attempting to figure out where it should sell a product and how to get it to the market. Business leaders’ ultimate objective is to bring their items in front of the customers who are most inclined to buy them.
Promotion – Advertising, public relations, and promotional strategy are all examples of promotion. Product promotion aims to show customers why they need a product and why they should spend a given price for it.

Hospital administration/ management course

Earlier, Hospitals used to be a service, But now, hospitals have become a business. The Hospital Administration course is the new trending course which has been in high demand during these times. The health care system is the most job demanding sector in the present situation. The Hospital administration course enables an individual to work in the non-medical departments in a hospital.
The hospital administration course consists of two types;
A six-month duration diploma course, and a twelve-month duration pg diploma course.

The hospital administration staff manages a patient from his/her entry point to appointments with various doctors to the exit point. The fact that at least some people underestimate the hospital administration job as something which is only suitable for girls. But, in reality, both boys and girls have equal opportunities in this field. The hospital administrator stands as a mediator between the patients and the Doctors.

The job roles of a Hospital administrator are:-
  1. Front Office Executive
  2. Front Office Manager
  3. Admin
  4. Admin Executive
  5. HR
  6. HR Executive
  7. Marketing Executive
  8. Marketing Manager
  9. Purchase Executive
  10. Purchase Manager
  11. Documentation Controller
  12. Quality Controller
  13. Quality Analyst

Graduation along with a hospital administration diploma is needed in order to work in a super speciality, Multi speciality hospital. Even if you don’t have a degree you can still get a job in small hospitals and clinics.

best management courses after 12th also include

Hotel management course

One of the most popular courses in the management sector is the Hotel management course. The Diploma in Hotel Management programme is designed to help students navigate through the many critical stages of the hospitality business. Catering, food safety, beverage and bar operations, customer service, housekeeping, front desk, human resources, marketing, management, and organisational behaviour are all included. They can work in hotels, tourism organisations etc after finishing a Diploma in Hotel Management.

Business management

Business management is the field of education that deals with the planning, implementation, monitoring, and assessment of a business. The foundation of a corporation or an institution, as well as numerous functional levels such as production, finance, administrative, human resources, sales & marketing, and others, are all covered in this topic of study. People with any background can choose a business management course.

Airport management courses

Airport management courses specialise in the area of administration of Airlines and Airports. It trains students for aviation management positions, such as how to develop airport strategy and offer information on airline commercial and operational goals. There are a lot of vacancies in this department since India is a country with a lot of international, and domestic airports. The airport management course will enable to find you a job in the airport administration department

The management courses enable one to get access to a job quickly. But one thing to keep in mind is that since these courses are office-based courses, the diploma alone won’t get you placed. Your personal skills, including communication skills and behavioural skills, do matter to an extent. Therefore while doing your course or after that, it is important or a must that you improve your language skills and communication skills.

Adi institute of management studies provides job-oriented diploma courses including, Hospital administration, Logistics and supply chain etc. We have been enhancing the careers of students from various parts of India since 2014. We also do have a technical training wing named Adi institute of Quality engineers which offers a Diploma in Oil and gas, QAQC (MechanicalCivil , Electrical), MEP, Interior designing, Ac technician course etc.

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