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What is logistics management?

What is logistics management? And how it is impacting India?

What is logistics management? It means executing, controlling the efficient, well-organised flow and transferring the related services, and goods from the point of origin to the point of customer or the other end. it includes warehouse management such as storage and 3rd party products and service arrangements, fleet managing,  transportation, inventory supervising, both inbound and outbound management aspects,  packaging etc. All of this process can be done by a well-organised team. So for the question, What is logistics management? We can say in a simple sentence that, Logistics means the efficient transporting of goods to the point of consumption.

India is a current major destination for logistics service providers. it is predicted that by 2023 the growth will be widely increased. ie,  many job openings in the future. Many institutes are providing short-term courses regarding the same. The logistics manager’s salary in India ranges from 50k per month. Logistics coordinator salary ranges from 1 lakh to 8 lakhs per annum in India. If you have the appropriate education, getting a job in this industry is becoming easy.

Logistics companies

Ekart logistics management

Ekart logistics is a company founded in 2009, company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is a subsidy of Flipkart and the main purpose is to smooth and secure cash on delivery options, return, exchange and fast deliveries. Ekart logistics tracking provides many customer-friendly options including doorstep delivery, easy exchange and returns pickup, free shipping and customers can make the delivery in a specified time frame. The company has gained customer trust throughout these years.

Logistics Xpo

Logistics Xpo is an American company founded in 1989 which went globally successful The company offers supply chain management services—main operations including logistics and transportation. The transportation segment includes truck brokerage, expedite, drayage, full truckload, and managed transportation. In logistics, the segment contains packaging and labelling, reverse logistics, factory support, value-added warehousing, order personalization services etc.

VRL logistics management

VRL logistics is an Indian logistics company which operates in 23 states and 4 union territories.  One of the main logistics firms in India operates with 4360 vehicles including cargo trucks and tourist buses. APSRTC is another transportation company in India and the first public transportation service to deploy live bus tracking technology.

Objectives of logistics management

For great success and customer satisfaction, It is crucial to have an idea about logistics and supply management even if your business is small. A strong creative logistics plan includes automation, coordination and also improving organizational profitability. It is all about maintaining quality assurance and quick response.

 The various aspects of logistics and supply chain management.

Improve supply chain ability – Spending should be kept to a minimum, and deliveries should be made on schedule. Inventory control, operation optimisation, and storage service contribute to cost management and increased productivity.

1) Quick response –  always remember that a key factor is client satisfaction. The logistics strategy is improved by providing clients with responses to their questions and resolving problems as soon as possible. The logistics management team provides information to the businesses so they can react quickly and strengthen their ability to make decisions for each order. As a result, operations are improved precisely and with quick response.

2) Fulfilling Delivery optimization – Maintaining quality delivery tactics plays a significant role in developing strong customer relationships. Companies receive complete delivery analytics, including real-time updates and accurate truck location information. Gaining control over the delivery process is crucial for exceeding consumer expectations.

3) Information flow – To ensure a seamless operation, always stay in touch with suppliers, consumers, and vendors. Perfect communication between everyone makes it possible. A clear network of communication enables the sector to act more quickly. Information on both internal operations and external partners improves communication.

4) No compromise in Quality – No concessions are made to product quality in order to develop strong customer relationships. Quality control for the procedure is necessary. Customers can trust us more when we practise quality assurance, which helps us grow our company. The main goals of logistics management also include quality assurance. It is also relevant to use modern technology, such as QAQC, for maintaining and monitoring quality standards.

Best logistics training

There are many prospects in the burgeoning sector of logistics and supply chain management in the near future. India is now a popular location for logistics service providers, and this trend will continue. Many industries are experiencing a labour shortage. Those who want to start a profession in this field must be qualified. The minimum requirement for enrollment in a logistics course is the completion of senior high school, or grade 12. One of the best logistics institutes in Kerala, Adi Institute of management studies, offers top-notch instruction. There are 2 different programme options: a 6-month logistics diploma and a 1-year advanced diploma (PG program).

Adi institute logistics batch


As previously stated, the secret to success is to uphold high standards for quality while also encouraging positive relationships with clients. From order placement to order tracking and delivery, every aspect must meet high standards, choosing to pursue a career in logistics is the better course of action. To succeed in the field, all you need to do is have the appropriate education.

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