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What is Digital Marketing & Career Options in Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? The Set of activities done on Digital platforms (advertising, social media, Knowledge, media, service-oriented..etc..) for promoting your product/services/business (anything you wanted to promote) with the help of the internet can be called Digital marketing.

The digital platforms can be

Search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube…etc. (Google is an advertising platform) (YouTube can be considered as a video search engine)

Social media platforms such as FB, Instagram, LinkedIn

Any Websites that publish 3rd Party Details (Such as Q and A sites, News portals, Service-oriented websites, Directories, Blogs.) for money or for free.

The marketing activities are done by using mobile, PC, Tab or Lap with the help of Internet connectivity. The most famous and common Digital marketing strategies are;

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search engine Marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influence Marketing

Today, digital marketing is an essential part of companies looking to grow more. and wants to make their digital presence.


SEO Stands for Search engine Optimization and it means the process of improving websites visibility in search engines. Or the activities that are done for bringing up traffic to the website by improving rankings of targeted keywords on search engines.


The Name Search Engine Marketing itself says all. SEM is the Paid marketing activities done on Search engines for promoting products/services by advertisers. It enables the advertiser to reach the potential customer with customized ad copy. SEM gets you much faster and better results than any other format of digital marketing but it costs you lots of money than other marketing strategies. Here, you only get charged for results (clicks, conversions, …etc.)


Social media marketing is the marketing activities done on social media platforms such as Fb, Instagram, linked in, Twitter..etc… Most of the social media ads are interruptive type ads and it is comparatively less effective than SEM. Here you get charged for impressions even if you don’t have any results

Email marketing

The marketing activities that use emails to reach potential customers. The customized emails that are sent to potential customers are the activity done on email marketing. It is most cost-effective. But, comparatively not effective than other strategies.

Affiliate marketing

In terms of marketers

Promoting someone else product, service or business for commission through social mediums or websites after joining the affiliate programs offered by the businesses.

In terms of Advertiser

Here, give permissions for Promoting your product or services by someone you may don’t know direct on the basis of commissions. It is done by giving specialized and personalized links to individuals who join your affiliate programs.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is used to reach out or attract and engage with new/potential customers and also to retain old customers. It is done by creating and sharing quality video content, podcasts, articles and other media formats (infographics images..etc..). Content marketing sometimes acts as a good Support for SEO and SEM.

Influence marketing

Influence marketing is the promotion of your product, service or business done by social influencers. The amount is charged will differ for each influencer. The most paid social influencer is Cristiano Ronaldo. He charges more than 6.5 crore rupees for one Instagram sponsored post.

Career Options in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a very wide industry. As broad as it is, you have so many options in the sector.

Those are;

  1. You can be a freelancer: You don’t need to go for the job, but you can earn some good clients and work for them. A good client will be with you for a lifetime. Always try to make more profit for your clients. Research what strategies will suit their business. Many marketers start google ads immediately after getting the client for the sake of marketing without any research.
  2. You can be a blogger: Blogging is one of the best ways to be your own boss in digital marketing. You can start blogging and earn money using AdSense, Affiliate marketing, paid promotion on your web page …etc… You must be aware of the strategies to be a successful blogger.
  3. Be a part of the In-house digital marketing team of companies: Many small to large companies have their own digital marketing team. All the team would have many candidates to fill the role of each digital marketing strategy (most common roles in In- house team are; PPC expert, SEO executive, Senior SEO executive, Content Writers, Copywriters, social media manager, Web developers, graphic designers..etc…)
  4. Get a Job in a Digital marketing agency: The job and job roles are the same as in the in-house digital marketing team. In agencies, you have to handle different industries and different clients at the same time. As career-wise agencies are better than in-house digital marketing. Because will learn how to handle different types of projects, industries and companies at the same time.
  5. Start a Digital marketing agency: This is only for those who have a minimum experience of 5 years and the leading others trait. Financial backup is also a part.

You can be worked out more than one of the above at the same time. You can be a blogger, or freelancer + go for a job role at the same time. It’s all about you and your time management capabilities.

Digital Marketing Job Roles

Rather than your educational qualifications and prior experiences, anyone can pursue the digital marketing industry. The digital marketing industry offers diverse job opportunities and different job roles. Each job roles have different jobs and purposes

  • SEM Executive: Sometimes they called PPC experts. This job role is about creating and maintaining Search engine campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads. Obtain minimum ROI for campaigns. Track and analyze the data of customer flow and build a marketing funnel.
  • SEO Expert: Create and execute strategies for search engine optimization with the help of content writers. The main goal is to bring traffic to the website by ranking the website high on the Search engines for the targeted keywords. Find more competitive keywords that helps the business to grow.
  • Social Media Manager: To create and maintain the paid social media campaigns, Maintain the social media platform accounts up to date. and also engage with customers on social media.
  • E-mail Marketing Executive: create and maintain the email marketing campaigns and make sure the campaigns full fill their purpose
  • Content writer and copy Writers: Don’t assume both are the same. They assist SEO, PPC, Email marketing campaigns to write engaging copies and create content.
  • Digital Marketing Executive: Make the research and sum-up with what are strategies are best for the clients. Crete the marketing funnel. Lead the SEM, SEO executives. Coordinate the entire marketing strategy.

Also, there are senior candidates for each role above and + Web designers, graphic designers also have their own role in the digital marketing industry. Some startup companies hire one individual to do all the digital marketing works for the company.

Find what suits you best and master it.


Digital marketing is a very broad and wide industry. You can be your own boss or you can find a job in the industry. A wide variety of job roles are in digital marketing for a newbie. Digital marketing is a daily updating industry. Be updated always.

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